Responsive web design Creating a seamless end-to-end experience for online prescription renewal


Product Designer


10 months


One of 2 designers, Product Owner, Business Analyst, Analytics, Subject Matter Expert (Clinical), Developers


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How might we make it easier for people on regular medication to renew their prescription?


<aside> 👁️ Scripts Now is a new online customer experience for purchasing medication through asynchronous GP approval.

There was high pressure to get to market quickly. The launching of the service served to: maintain relationship with business partners; stay competitive within the marketplace; and ensure that designs of service is not subject to any legislation changes.

'Station Scripts', a pilot of the service has previously been implemented, where asynchronous prescription renewal is done in pharmacy with subsequent medication collection in-store.


The Brief

<aside> 🗣 With the increasing demand for consumer services to be moved or have an online alternative, API's Priceline Pharmacy - a major partner of SiSU Health - initiated a collaboration to bring forth a brand for telehealth and prescription services in Australia.


The Outcome(s)

<aside> ✅ Validated that service is providing a solution of convenience


<aside> 🛒 Launched a new service into market


<aside> 🌱 Product is currently going through optimisation - to continue to test, learn, iterate and implement.


<aside> 🌐 View the live site


This project is broken down into 4 main stages:

<aside> 🧩 **Stage 1: Value Proposition** Investigate whether or not the initial service idea would actually be solving a real-life problem.